Friday, January 20, 2012

Bone scan all clear !

As the title says - the bone scan shows no metasteses (secondary tumors) in my bones. Good news, eh? Saturday morning at 9.30am and I'm still in bed with a cuppa.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shooting stick acquired, thanks

The power of the www is amazing. A Wollongong friend has delivered her father-in-law's shooting stick this morning. A visit to Dr Chen today has topped me up with all herbal pills for the next 3 weeks. He also recommended a bone scan as he is concerned that the pain is not abating with the amount of medication I'm on. Have made appointments for a referral and then a scan in the next two days. Better to check it out, I think. Wednesday 18 January @ 7pm still watching the tennis.

Monday, January 16, 2012

This planet!

Am I a little less wise?

Last week I had a wisdom tooth extracted. Does that mean I'm a little less wise?  What is the origin of this dental term?

Have also had my hair cut and coloured, battled with both Optus and Telstra re internet connection to my laptop, iPhone and iPad.  All satisfatorily resolved without too much angst or money. Lots of dinners and lunches and visits and fun.

Still lots of pain and am increasing the medication accordingly.

I've had my tattoos applied in preparation for the radiotherpay which will now commence on Tuesday 7 February.  I have to have 20 days of treatment, all consecutive, except for weekends.

Next week Leigh and I are going to Melbourne to the Australian Tennis Open. My most comfortable position is sitting, so I'll be fine most of the time.  Standing around gives me my most uncomfortable moments. I'm going to try to find a "shooting stick" to take with me so that I can rest on it on those occasions when we are wandering around. Let me know if you have one hidden away in a cupboard.

Right now I'm watching the second day of the tournament on the television. It's Tuesday 17 January at 12.50pm

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some pics that tell the story

                                         And now they are relaxed after the formalities

Leigh and I celebrated the coming of 2012 with friends at dinner at a beach cafe. It was great fun and we managed to stay awake until midnight.

Yesterday (3 January) I celebrated 65 years on this earth. Who would have thought I'd still be here. Hip hip hooray! Life is good and I'm making the most of it.

Nothing to report on the health front. The painkillers are doing their job. Next week I see the radiotherapist and receive my 'tatttoo' and the treatment starts in early February.

So................... Happy New Year, everyone. Thanks for reading for another year.