Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OK. I have to own up........

..........I've been in Bali for the past week.

Had a relaxing and interesting time with Wilna. We are both flying back to Australia tonight. The volcano eruption in Java has caused all airlines, except Garuda, to cancel their flights. Fortunately we are both flying with Garuda - so I get to arrive home in time for my niece's wedding tomorrow, my son and his girlfriend visiting for brunch on Sunday and a play at the Opera House on Sunday night. Thank you, Garuda.

Will post photos and news about the trip when I've downloaded at home. I also have appointments with the oncologist and Chinese herbal doctor next week, so........... there is likely to be some news on that front too.

Thanks for reading :)

The date printed above on this entry is January 26th - but it's actually Friday January 28th @ 11.58pm....strange. Flying @ 1.20am

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pics from the last month

Coco pops for breakfast after the sleepover

A serious Oscar

My son, Tim (Oscar's Dad) with Debs, the new special girl in his life

With my Dad on my birthday

Willow and Zeke at Belmore Basin with Mumma :)

Here's the family at my birthday gathering. Sister and brother are missing though.

Willow under the covers in my van "the hopemobile"

Zeke having a sleepover at Mumma's place

It's been a while

Add ImageWell, here I am again. Happy New Year to those I haven't already greeted.

On the health front - no news. The holiday break has caused the system to slow down and there is a great backlog of patients' cases to be examined. I'm still waiting to hear from the surgical team about my eligibility for surgery.

I'm also still waiting to hear the results of the pathology test for the special gene. Apparently the first pathology sample that was sent for testing was not satisfactory, so a second sample has been sent. I may have the results next Friday (21 January).

In the meantime I'm just getting on with summer life.

I had a birthday almost 2 weeks ago and my daughter, Nikki, and sister, Leigh, arranged for a gathering of some family and friends. It was particularly significant as those present included my 90 year old father, my sister and brother, both my children and all 3 of my grandchildren. When you consider that that includes 4 generations and people who live on opposite sides of the planet - it was pretty special :)