Friday, August 28, 2009

Life pics

Oops! It's been a while

Wow! 30 May since I talked to you. Well, in that time life has been great. My health is at it's peak - how do I know that?....... because my clothes are getting too tight. Now, you might think that that's a good thing given that I have been far too skinny for the past 3 years. But, in actual fact, it really has to stop NOW.

On the positive side it means that there musn't be any insidious growth in me - gobbling up all the goodness. On the negative side - well, I quite liked my svelt self of recent times, the wardrobe I have accumulated which all fitted me perfectly. Now every garment is tooooo tight and there's this bulge around my middle that is uncomfortable when I'm sitting.

On the list of the benefits of having cancer that I had been developing was "never need to worry about your weight again". Well, I guess that's true when you have it (the Big C), but when you no longer have it you need to remember to worry. And that's what I'll have to get back to - being careful about how much I put in my mouth!

So, if you see me when I'm eating - just give me a look that will remind me, please.

Since I last wrote about the 'jolly good fellows' I have been developing my celebrancy practice and now have a few nice engagements to look forward to. The first wedding will be at the end of October and there's one every month from then until Easter 2010. Hopefully more will come in time.

I have also been conducting funerals. It started with a friend asking me to conduct the ceremony for his mother's funeral. And it's gone on from there. It certainly is different from planning a wedding but I have found it rewarding - through the process of establishing rapport with grieving families and giving them confidence about the process of honouring their loved one's life. I sense great relief when I talk to them about the ceremony and how they would like it to proceed. And I've received grateful appreciation from them after the event.

And now a few pics from life over the past few months.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Zeke and Willow and Oscar

Thursday, May 28, 2009

For they are jolly good fellows!

Well! Once again - it's time.

My gruff oncologist, on my last visit - when I was to receive the official result of my April CT scan - told me I could quote him when he said "I think you've beaten this, Terrie. You're one of the lucky ones!"

I couldn't get out of his rooms quickly enough and the receptionist had to call me back to pay my bill!

Well..... I've decided I can believe it now. I don't think he would risk his reputation saying something like that if he didn't believe it.

So. Who are the jolly good fellows?

  • my children and grandchildren - Nikki, Tim, Sam, Zeke, Willow and Oscar - whose mere existence as well as their love and support have kept me strong and given me reason to want to live. From the beginning and forever.....
  • The rheumatologist who ordered the original blood test that discovered my low haemoglobin count. April 2006
  • the gastroentarologist who found the bowel tumour and sent me for surgery. May 2006
  • the bowel surgeon who successfully removed the tumour without any side effects. May 2006
  • the doctor who administered SIRT (radio-active) microspeheres that shrank the liver tumours. September 2006
  • the surgeon who removed part of my liver and most of the tumours and ablated the rest. January 2007
  • the oncologist who prescribed and oversaw the chemotherapy treatment that killed the new tumours that appeared after the liver surgery. From October 2007
  • the Chinese herbal doctor who has been treating me since this all began and has helped keep me healthy and strong enough to survive all of the above. I remain on his treatment today. From July 2006
  • the Quest for Life retreat I attended at Bundanoon where I learnt previously unknown (to me) facts about cancer and valuable strategies to deal with living with cancer. November 2007
  • the gorgeous, romantic French man I sat next to on a plane. November 2006
  • AND YOU ARE. The family and friends who have supported me through all of this for the past 3 years and have said prayers and sent positive vibes from all over the world. From the beginning and forever.............

Thank you, every one of you. My success is your success. I'm indebted to you for your love and support and encouragement and all the really practical help you have given.

And now.............. life continues. 3 weddings booked, grandchildren coming to stay soon, from today - a month in Sydney to enjoy all that the big smoke has to offer. Life continues to be great

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's about time.....

It's about time I wrote here again - expecially since I have excellent news from my latest CT scan. The report says that there are no changes since the last scan (which was 12 months ago). And the last scan said - all good. So along with 12 months of excellent blood results I'm absolutely delighted to report that I'm very healthy and enjoying everything life has to offer...
..... which includes

a visit to Canberra to see the Degas Exhbition, the National Portrait Gallery and to go hot air ballooning! Photos below.

This is how we dressed for the pre dawn take off

And this is the view of the dawn over Lake Burley Griffin from the top of Black Mountain, because

this is as close as we got to any balloons!!! The wind was too strong and it was not safe to fly in the hot air balloons. What a disappointment - again! So we found these balloons when we were having chocolate and retail therapy later that morning to help us deal with the disappointment.

I have also spent a pleasant weekend farm and dog sitting on 100acres just south of Wollongong.

There were 'real' cows on the farm, but this one was closest to the house for photo purposes! So a pleasant weekend was spent with 3 gorgeous old boxer dogs and friends who came for lunches in the sun. Life is good.

And right now I'm on the Gold Coast visiting my son and grandson for 10 days. Don't see them very often, so it's great spending quality time with them both. Oscar is 17 months old now and has developed his own little boisterous personality. It's exhausting keeping up with him - but loads of fun. In the quiet time he loves me to read him his 'My Grandma' book. Of course, I love it too.
Oscar and hat 'in the Broadwater'.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Year, Birthday and New Career

A new year also means another birthday for me, and although a birthday is only one day - mostly the celebrations seem to go on for days. It's a continuation of the festive activities from Christmas and New Year. And then there's nothing much for the rest of the year. Here I am celebrating being 62 - gratefully - with some of my friends.

All tests and visits to doctors have been positive, which is great. In March I have my annual CT scan - so fingers crossed for a good result.

And still more birthday celebrations.

The other thing I've done since I wrote here is to establish my business as a Civil Celebrant.

Terrie Baxter

Justice of the Peace

Civil Marriage Celebrant

Planning with you. Presenting a professional event that is meaningful and memorable

And the first couple to ask me to marry them are Mat (environmental scientist) and Nici (medical student). They plan to marry in February or March 2010. It will be exciting planning with them for their special event. And here they are.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

and now it's a new year!

As the page of time turns to 2009 I send you all my best wishes for a happy, healthy and peaceful year ahead.

It has been wonderful to hear from so many friends from around the world during the recent Christmas and new year period. What a great age we live in where communication can be so easy and so instant.

Life at home since my return from Pottsville has been hectic - same for you, I imagine. Once December starts we all seem to go into a mode of more heightened activity in our preparations for the holiday period. Well, I do anyway. The family Christmas party on Christmas Eve was a happy event - a gathering of all members who were in the country at this time. That included my daughter and her family who are here from Hong Kong. It was a privilege to have them stay with me for a few days - including the night that Father Christmas delivered! - and to participate in the children's excitement. Zeke is 5 years old and Willow is 2. They are just at the right age to understand the anticipation and then the excitement of opening their gifts from Santa as well as from their parents and their Mumma (that's me!).

Before Christmas I also had a visit to Dr Chen, the herbal doctor, who says that he is pleased 'with what's going on inside'. So..... all in all...... things are good.

I hope the start to your 2009 has been a happy one and the it continues to be all that you wish it to be.